The 5 Most Harmful Substances On Earth

The 5 Most Harmful Substances On Earth

There are many harmful substances in the world, some so dangerous they have claimed millions of lives in the past, and it might be a surprise to know that you may have a few of these chemicals lurking in your cupboards at home.

Although strong chemicals can be a great help around the home when it comes to cleaning tough stains, grime and dirt – they can still impose great danger on the person using it.

To ensure that you do not become a victim of the world’s dangerous substances, here is a list of the most harmful chemicals on earth:


Nicotine is a very common chemical and it is heard and used by people all over the world on a daily basis. Nicotine usually comes in the form tobacco in cigarettes and is inhaled by smokers.

Nicotine is found in the plants from the nightshade family and it can make up anything from 0.6% to 3% of a cigarettes weight. Although it is already known that nicotine can be highly dangerous to those who smoke, most people are unaware of the true potential it withholds.

Getting into contact the oily liquid is highly dangerous as it makes its way through the skin and then into the blood stream, causing death in just a few hours.


Tabun was one of the first ever nerve agents to be discovered. The scent is rather deceiving as it has a surprisingly fruit odour. Tabun can easily be sprayed in a mist – the results from this can be devastating.

Attacking nerves in the body – Tabun can cause convulsions and paralysis. It is believed the chemical is even deadlier than ricin and soman. The true danger of Tabun was revealed when it was used in the war between Iran and Iraq and it killed thousands.


Digoxin is the purified extract of the foxglove plant – this is why there are rumours that Foxglove plants themselves are poisonous.

The dangerous chemical can lead to heart issues, in the form of increased heart efficiency. The life threatening chemical was used the famous evil nurse, Charles Cullen, also known as ‘the angel of death’. He killed more than 40 patients with digoxin.

Ethylene Glycol

A majority of people would have come across ethylene glycol in some form. It is famously known for being present in antifreeze products. To avoid injury and even death, it is advised that animals, pets and young children should stay well away from the chemical as the sweet taste could be mistaken for a food source.

A large amount of this chemical can cause a slow and painful death over the course of three days.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can most commonly be found in the bathroom or kitchen; however it will usually have a percentage level of 3% to 6%. Peroxide is also known for being present in hair dyes and bleaching products.

At high concentration levels, the chemical is so strong that it is able to set rockets off. When concentration levels are higher than 60%, slight movement of the chemical can cause huge explosions.

Hydrogen peroxide was the chemical that was used in the London underground bombings in 2005.

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