5 Must Have Fashion Items For 2014

5 Must Have Fashion Items For 2014

2013 is soon becoming to its end and it is time to start looking forward to 2014. Starting the New Year is always a great time for refreshing yourself as well and there isn’t a better way to do it then by re-styling. In order to look as trendy as possible at the start of 2014 here are five of the biggest fashion must haves you need to get.  So lets see what must have fashion items for 2014 we recommend.

1. Black And White Clutch

If you have a New Year’s Eve party planned up or you have other parties to attend in January it is a good idea to buy a black and white clutch. This is one of the hottest accessories to get for the start of 2014 and will give you a nice polished look.

There are a lot of different designers bringing out their black and white clutches for this season. Make your pick and look stylish at your next party.


2. Tartan

One of the biggest hits for the start of the year is going to be tartan. There have been so many different styles of tartan present on the runway for this season that there is definitely something for everyone to pick from.

Go with a tartan jacket or even some funky tartan leggings. No matter how big your tartan piece is, just make sure you have some tartan incorporated into your look.

3. Oversized Coats

Naturally we all want to stay warm during the winter and the 2014 style of wearing oversized coats is perfect for this. You can see a lot of runway pieces at the Glamour Magazine’s article and you should use it to draw some inspiration.

An oversized coat is a really funky thing and will add a lot of fun for your style. Just make sure that you have the confidence to pull it off since you don’t want to look uncomfortable wearing it.


4. Fur

One of the must have materials for 2014 is fur. There are a lot of options from fur coats to fur handbags. It really doesn’t matter which way you add some fur to your look as long as you do so.

The good news for people who don’t want a real rabbit fur on their shoulders is the fact that there are faux fur options available as well. Look around to find the best option for you and if fur makes you uncomfortable then just add more tartan to your look.

5. Burgundy

You should also make sure to buy clothing, which is the colour burgundy. This is one of the hottest colours for 2014 and looks really nice during winter. It adds just the right amount of warmth to your look and can be a great colour to use for both professional and leisure styles.

A good idea is to combine burgundy together with black or if you want to add more flair to your look then use it with leopard print. This will surely add some spice into your life.

The above fashion items for 2014 must haves are all you need in order to start off the New Year in style.

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