7 Major Causes Of Global Warming

7 Major Causes Of Global Warming

Causes of global warming, Global warming is a real and serious issue, those who think that isn’t simply misinformed and frankly, wrong. Our planet is heating up because of the way we have treated it and this is causing major problems throughout the world and it is threatening our very existence. So what exactly is the main causes of global warming? Here are 10 of the biggest reasons that global warming is affecting our planet.

1. Air Pollution globabl warning

The amount of toxic gases we expel into the atmosphere on a daily basis is truly staggering and is one of the main causes of global warming . Our vehicles are major contributors to this as roads throughout the world are filled with them, chugging out lots of greenhouse gases which damages the atmosphere. Industrial factories are another huge contributor to this global problem releasing lots of poisonous gases into the atmosphere on a daily basis.

2. Deforestation

Our natural resources are getting used up at a rate of knots and this is having a catastrophic effect on the oxygen levels being introduced into the atmosphere, the rainfall patterns that they influence and the eco systems that the forests support. The mass deforestation that is taking place around the world is causing the levels of carbon dioxide the increase which is very dangerous for all of us.

3. Burning Fossil Fuels

Burning fossil fuels causes many harmful gases to be released into the atmosphere with the most harmful being carbon dioxide. Fossil fuels are burnt around the world at a huge rate every day and it is a problem that is only getting worse as time goes. Coal burning power plants is again one of the main causes of global warming when it comes to burning fossil fuels as well as the domestic use of coal based fires throughout the world.

4. Chemical Fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers are now more popular than the use of traditional manure which is having a dangerous effect on heat levels within the atmosphere. This is because the fertilizers are high in nitrogen which causes heat in the crops to be trapped and the run off causes what are known as ‘dead zones’ in oceans around the world.

5. Oil Drilling

Yet another contributor the rise in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is oil drilling. The burn off from the process is one of the major causes of carbon dioxide and methane pollution. Of course draining all of the available oil from the earth is another worry for the environment but until the whole world embraces renewable energy it doesn’t look as though it will stop until the oil runs out.

6. Landfills

Poor waste management by the majority of the world’s population leads to huge landfills which are mass collections of rubbish. Some of this rubbish is used for recycling which is great but the majority is burnt simply because there isn’t any room for it. This burning leads to greenhouse gases polluting the atmosphere.

7. Aerosols main causes of global warming

Aerosol emissions affect the earth’s temperature as they can block sunlight from reaching us and seeding clouds which actually has a cooling effect on the planet but it is definitely not in a good way. The usage of aerosols around the world is huge and once again the only way this is going to change is for us all to back other ways of using products in our everyday lives.

Simon Anderson is an environmentalist and blogger for AmberGreen Solar. He likes to inform and educate the public on environmental issues where he can.

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