8 Common Stereotypes About Psychics

8 Common Stereotypes About Psychics

PsychicsPsychics get tarred with a mighty big brush, and there is many Stereotypes About Psychics.

You know the difference between a scam and a psychic who is working her butt off. But there are a few big myths that seem to just not die. If you want to help out your local psychic consider each of these points carefully, and don’t back down when someone starts spouting this nonsense your way.

1. “Psychics are born that way – they’re select, unique and, if they’re lucky, they can lead normal lives.” This one is pure crock. All children have better psychic abilities, just like they are also better artists and language learners. Some of us work hard – to hold onto some of that innate ability longer and to remember some of it later on in life. That’s it. Just like artists and polyglots, we’re always training. Just like artists or polyglots, developing psychic abilities might make you a little special, but it doesn’t mean you’re part of a priesthood.

2. “Psychics and Psychic Abilities are All the Same.” To stick with the analogy above, it’s like all painters can automatically also write symphonies, or someone who mastered Spanish must also be good in Japanese. It’s just not true. Like languages and arts, there are dozens of different traditions and practices and skill levels. Work with someone from a tradition that interests you and you’ll enjoy learning about it at the same time you’re learning from your psychic advisor.

3. “Psychics can predict the future.” If any psychic believed this were true, they’d have long ago either lost their shirt in the stock market, or made such a fortune that they’d be very, very well off. Using and benefiting from an intuitive perception of today does NOT make anyone an expert on what’s going to happen tomorrow. Psychics will be the first to tell you. Psychics work very hard to understand free will, in themselves, and in the minds and make-ups of others.

4. “Psychics can Cure Anything at Anytime.” These are the same people who would never attend a miracle faith healing right? Laying on of hands, or calling down the healing power from on high takes experience, guts, emotional commitment and understanding. It doesn’t rely on miracles and it shouldn’t promise them either. Bodies are repositories of memories and energies and misunderstandings that hurt, make us sick and make us into bad decision makers. Take your pick as to which has the worst consequences. Psychics can sometimes help you to understand better, release some of that negative energy or pain, and often that will help you to heal yourself.

5. “Psychics are Universally New-Age in their Outlook.” This one amuses some of us. On the whole, we probably attend fewer football games. But speaking generally of any group of people is nearly always a one-way ticket to saying something stupid. Most people remember “New Age” as a brief marketing category for a particularly annoying style of music in the late 1980s. Of course, William Blake is said to have used the term, before anyone else, in a preface to a volume of John Milton’s poetry. As Blake is broadly considered the last mystical thinker in the English language world, he’s not only difficult to categorize, but still inspirational whether in his art, printmaking or poetry. He’s also essentially the single-handed inventor of Romanticism in the English language world. So, in a sense, we may all be part of some rather big universal outlook, even if we don’t adhere to one.

6. “Psychics can read your mind.” See “predicting the future” above. What you feel is not the same as what you are thinking – and that distinction is important. Calling your psychic friend a fraud will not only lose you a friend, but prevent you from seeing the real importance of empathy – not only in how your psychic friend thinks but in how you think, too. Forget about reading people’s minds. If you’re coldly calculating to manipulate people’s thoughts, actions, insights, then you’re also making the world a colder place. Stop it.

7. Psychic powers are evil. Historically, this is far more a product of the Scientific Revolution than of the (1st, 2nd or 3rd) Great Awakening. It would be interesting if more Americans understood that! Study the history, intellectual and moral, in the west or the east, and you will always find psychics, or people practicing and learning from similar traditions. Very often at acute points when power is shifting from one form to another some of the people, or a population, or some kind of minority within a given society will be scapegoated. They’ll be blamed, often convincingly – for some broader “evil” that is usually totally unrelated to what they are doing.

8. “Psychics believe every word that comes out of their mouths – and they’re never wrong.” Look at it this way, some psychics will blow you away with what they know right now, what they just communicated – about you and your life and your experiences. Others, you may need to work with for a while. Think of it like a novel. Even the most scientific-minded among us will tell you that there is some human truth in a well-written novel. Now what are you going to do with that truth? Interpret it? Act on it? Make a major decision?

Probably not. But if you read a few good novels, you will learn something about human nature and about what it is that we humans call “truth.”

I think unquestionably you will then be a better artist, polyglot, interpreter of truths and decision maker. That’s not only why we study mythology, but why we talk to psychics and learn everything we can about the world and the people around us. What they make of the world – and what we make of it – is what it’s going to be.

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This article was written by James Tomon, a writer in Mexico City. James has always been fascinated by psychics and hopes to clear up psychic stereotypes through partnerships with The Sane Psychic and Tena Marie. You can find him on Google+.

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