How Long Distance Drivers Can Remain Alert

How Long Distance Drivers Can Remain Alert

Long Distance Drivers embarking on extended road trips could substantially erode your physique, especially in the lower back and arm areas. To prevent your body from aching due to hours of continuously driving in uncomfortable places, there are several exercises you can partake in to keep your arms, legs and mind sharp so you safely make it to your destination physically fit and without deep muscle aches.truck drivers

Exercises below may be altered to suit your vehicle size, availability of equipment and other factors that could prohibit exercise while traversing down the road.  Remember, if you’re renting a vehicle for the trip, wrecking isn’t exactly an option.

1.       Curling

Not necessarily with 10 pound free weights, long distance drivers can keep their forearms strong by simply doing bicep curls with either small two pound weights or anything heavy laying in the car like a book or heavy electronic that fits in your hand.  Simply pulling up the object slowly then back down in 10 repetition sets on each arm will prove to be a blood mover and will strengthen your forearms quickly.

2.       Squeezes

If you can get your hands on reflexive balls that are squeezable in your hand, you could do small number of reps with each hand which will help relax the grip you’ve hand on your steering wheel.  Along with balls, you can obtain an exercise hand grip for a more rigorous hand workout that will also focus on your forearms all good for long distance drivers.

3.       Switch Postures

Many experienced long-distance drivers have a set means of driving which includes a specific posture.  Try shifting your posture every 50 miles or so to make sure that your muscle groups aren’t straining from sitting or driving in one position.  Strains from driving can cause permanent muscle damages; sitting upright for as long as you can will prevent your lower back from going out unexpectedly while driving.  You may also consider switching your feet around, too, as repositioning your feet may help.

Many places where you can rent a car often give these exercise tips since, presumably, you’ll take extensive trips in their vehicles.

4.       Take Stretch Breaks

No matter how much time you have left to arrive, drivers should always take a stretch break every 2-3 hours of constant driving.  Even if you simply need to pull off onto the shoulder to fumble through your trunk, you need to take these stretch breaks to do twists, bends, circular motions with your arms or whatever you feel comfortable doing to loosen your muscle groups before forging down the road.

5.       Move To Music

Put on the radio and groove to some dance tunes.  Moving your head around, snapping fingers and anything you’d accomplish on the dance floor would suffice; this will keep your mind fresh and give your body some small exercises that will awaken muscle groups while getting the kinks out of your back and sides.  Avoid classical music that historically is meant for relaxation because you want your blood moving, not relaxing.


Along with drinking fluids that aren’t meant to cleanse the bladder, you can incorporate any of the tips above into your long-distance driving routine for better muscle control, a great workout routine and more alert reflexes in times when people pull in front of you or accidents occur ahead of you.

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