No Virgin Media – Other TV And Broadband Options

No Virgin Media – Other TV And Broadband Options

Virgin Media is one of the largest cable television and broadband providers on the UK market, but that doesn’t mean that they’re your only TV And Broadband choice. There are options from other companies, and no Virgin Media in site. If, for whatever reason, you’ve already decided that Virgin services are not for you, then what are your other TV And Broadband options on the UK market?

Why Combine Your Services?

Before we tell you about your other choices, let’s first discuss why you should bundle your services in this way. There are a few advantages to getting more than one service from a company, and since most households want broadband Internet as well as great cable television, you might as well get both from the same company.

The first advantage of doing this is money. You’ll get your broadband and TV cheaper in a bundle than you would if you decided to get these services from two different companies. Add to that the fact that you only get one monthly bill and combining services in this way is also more convenient.

Then there’s the question of installation. Your home may already be wired up for broadband and cable TV. If it’s not, however, then you’ll only need to go through one installation process, so you’ll need one appointment and there’ll only be one mess to clean up afterwards. Customer support will be easier too, since there’ll only be one hotline to call.

It’s quite easy to see why many people choose a bundling option; the cost and convenience just mean that combining services is the easiest option. You will need to be able to change your providers for both services, which means that you can’t currently be under contract for either your television service or your broadband service. Other than that though, there’s no real reason not to bundle.

What are Your Choices?

The good news is that you have three major options other than Virgin Media. Sky, TalkTalk and BT all offer great package deals that combine cable television and broadband services. The bad news is that you’re probably going to need to combine your home land line services in with those packages, since most plans contain calling as well. There are some great deals from all three of these operators though.

About Sky

Sky was the original British satellite TV provider, but in recent years they’ve become a huge television and broadband provider. They’re best known for their array of sports and film channels, and if you’re a football addict or into any other kind of sports, then Sky is going to be an excellent option for you.

The cheapest deal from Sky will cost you just £10.75 a month, and includes 303 television channels, broadband speeds of up to 16 Mbps and weekend calling. As with all Sky packages, you’ll also get On Demand, the Sky catch-up service and streaming for films. Adding the Sky movie channels to your package is going to up your monthly price to £29, and adding all of the specialised sports channels will make your monthly payment £29.25.

About TalkTalk

TalkTalk is one of the newest companies on the UK market, and have been trading only since 2003. Originally part of Car Phone Warehouse, the company is now independent. TalkTalk have some of the cheapest packages around, though their selection of television channels isn’t as large as that of Sky.

For money savers, the cheapest deal with TalkTalk is a mere £7.50 a month. That package has unlimited broadband with speeds of up to 16 Mbps, free weekend and evening calling and seventy TV channels. You can add anytime calling and Freeview to your plan, but that will take your payment up to £15.50 a month. You can also add all of the Sky sports channels to a TalkTalk package, but it will cost you a massive £40 a month.

About BT

BT is one of the best known names in the UK, and far from providing just the regular old home land line services, BT now provides all kinds of things from mobile to broadband services and TV too. They’re not the cheapest company around, but if you’re looking for reliability, then BT is the way to go.

There are currently two main BT broadband and TV packages on offer. The cheapest is only £5 a month, though that’s a time limited offer, and includes 70 TV channels, unlimited broadband at speeds of up to 16 Mbps, and weekend calling as well. The other package is expensive, but does include fibre optic broadband at super-fast speeds of up to 38 Mbps. The fibre optic broadband will cost you £20 a month, including 88 TV channels and weekend calling.

How to Choose your TV And Broadband Provider?

Deciding between these three operators might not be too easy, but there are a couple of things that you can do to ease the process. Firstly, you should go to the web page of each of the providers, input your postal code, and make sure that they provide service to your local area. You might find that only one company will connect you, in which case your decision has been made for you. Note that BT’s fibre optic services in particular will not be available to all customers.

Secondly, prices and special deals change rapidly, so you’ll want to double check. Use a broadband comparison site, something like the one at, to find the most up to date prices, and to see if you can take advantage of any promotions on TV And Broadband bundles that are on offer.

Getting your broadband and television from the same provider is a sound financial decision, and even if you’ve already eliminated Virgin Media from your list of options, you do still have other great choices out there. In fact, your real problem might be deciding which of the other fantastic providers to choose from. Whether you go for Sky, TalkTalk or BT, you’re sure to be saving yourself some cash by getting your TV and Internet services from the same company.

Phil Turner visited when he found out that there was no Virgin Media available in his area. He found plenty of alternative options on the website.

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